Which SEO factors facilitate the placement of a mobile site? There are 3 aspects that need to be taken into consideration.

Do you think you know all about SEO and have read all the advice available on the web? Perhaps, this is also the case, but what is certain is that very few people decide to focus on mobile sites. We know that not having a mobile site, better response, would be a shame for a company or a professional. The vast majority of online searches are performed by smartphones and tablets and ignoring this data would mean giving up a large slice of earnings. However, it is not always how much we planned for a desktop version site that is winning for positioning its mobile version. So, to avoid making mistakes that can hurt a mobile site, a list of things to focus on improving site SEO in their smartphone and tablet version are here:

1. Loading Speed

This metric is already decisive for sites visited by users who connect and do desktop search, but becomes a necessity when the market we are addressing is that of mobile users. We therefore try to lighten the structure of the site and the pages, proceed to optimize the images and video and to use not too elaborate fonts and templates. These are all factors that could slow down the download of our site and persuade visitors to abandon it. Hence, we cannot take it for granted, that everyone has the fastest and most powerful data connections on the market and it is also right to take into account the needs of this type of customers.

2. Avoid Pop-Ups and Ads that are Too Invasive

If the use and insertion of pop-ups (do you know how to use them without harming your SEO) and full-screen ads may seem like a way to convince you to act and do the action you want, we should remember that similar mobile screens can be very (and sometimes even too much ) invasive. It is better to minimize its use, because if you do not eliminate them altogether and if you really cannot do it, you can honestly say that at least mobile is small and/or clear on how to close them.

3. Design Must Meet the Needs of Everyone

Designing a website is very important and can decree the success or failure of the entire project. If you need great tips about how to design your website, you can read this article or further search for other related topics in the web. ¬†From mobile, this aspect has to be looked after with extreme care. There are screens with different sizes and resolutions and it is good to check that our site is easily accessible to everyone. Beware of the size of images and characters (if too small, they may be difficult to interpret or read) and test each link, section of the site and the menu. When we talk of “everyone’s needs” we also refer to care for those who have big fingers: the design of a responsive site, because it can have a positive effect on the SEO of the site in question, so it must be easily accessible to everyone.

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