Are you managing Google AdWords campaigns and would you like to improve even more? In this article, we show you the 10 key tools to perfect your campaigns and get the most out of AdWords. Managing online advertising campaigns requires a lot of time and effort to get a positive return on investment, however with these tools you can improve on daily management.

What tools allow me to improve on campaign management?

Below is the list of the recommended tools:

  1. Google AdWords Editor

This is a free campaign management tool for Google AdWords and its use is intended to make massive changes to an account, multiple changes at the same time, import and export of campaigns, as well as manage and edit different campaigns at once. It also allows you to work without being connected to the internet and upload the changes as soon as we have a connection. If your account is already too big and complex to use the changes of the web platform, with this tool you will save time in day-to-day management.

  1. Keyword Planner

This tool will help us in the search of keywords to obtain a list of possible search terms for our website. It is also known as Google AdWords Traffic Estimator. Through this tool, we can find the necessary information about the words based on a series of services and products and obtain details according to the location, category, language, range of dates, etc. As a result, we’ll see the full detail on estimated search volume trends, average monthly searches, competition, suggested bid, ad impression percentage, CPC, etc. based on historical Google AdWords data.

  1. Display Planner

This tool is key when creating Display campaigns on the Google AdWords platform. With this, we cannot only find suggestions on keywords, locations (websites, videos, mobile applications, and mobile application categories), topics, interests (affinities, segments in the market), demographics (age, sex) and remarketing based of interest or landing page. We can also obtain estimated data for the creation of the campaign and thus have more details so as to achieve more converted clicks.

  1. Google Merchant Center

A tool that helps you manage the product data in Google Shopping. By using this tool, you can load the product information of your website and easily manage the products displayed on Google Shopping. It also helps you reach users who are looking for specific products in the Google search engine. This tool is very useful for the promotion of e-commerce websites because when linking the accounts of AdWords and Merchant, it allows promoting the products of the web through ads of the product card. Do you have an e-commerce and still do not use the Google Shopping Campaigns?

  1. Preview and Ad Diagnosis

As its name indicates, this tool is used to show the preview of the corresponding ads in the keywords, language, place, and device. You can use the ad preview tool to see if your text ads are visible or not based on keywords. It can also be used to analyze the campaigns and see what changes we have made and the effect they have had.

  1. Remarketing Tag

It is a small code that is introduced in our web to collect the cookies of the people who have visited our website and generate a list of the audience to be able to make segmented campaigns to different users.

  1. Conversion Tracking

It is the fundamental tool for measuring and tracking the Google AdWords conversion. The use of the conversion tracking code allows knowing the information on the number of sales, downloads of applications, telephone calls and subscriptions that each of the pages of our website has a marked objective. There are different types of tracking conversion available in Google AdWords that allow us to have a better understanding of what keywords, ads, ad groups, and campaigns are working well and calculate the return on investment.

  1. Google My Business

This tool allows you to manage the location information of the company on the Google Map. There are at least a few reasons why it is important.

  1. Google Analytics

It is a free web traffic monitoring and analytics service and also if we link it with the Google AdWords account, it allows us to analyze the activity of each user in each of the landing pages of our website. You can also understand the amount of traffic that comes from AdWords and each of the campaigns we have on other platforms. It also allows the creation of conversion funnels, objectives, filters, remarketing lists in Google Analytics to use in AdWords to target specific audiences and a large number of reports to better understand what is happening on our website.

  1. Script for AdWords

These are custom-developed scripts in Java that allow automatic changes to your AdWords account and report generation. You can change bids, pause in ad groups and add keywords, generate reports or other types of actions to improve the efficiency of campaigns. The scripts can also be used for multiple modifications through the MCC. To be able to implement this type of scripts, it is advisable to have the help of a developer.

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