You do not need to know what ritual to use to get first on Google with your website, so here are some techniques that, if you follow very well, it will help you get out of the Search Engine Page Results (SERP).

With the term SEO I, which refers to those activities that aim to optimize site pages in order to be placed among the top Google results. Being aware of the search engine is very important, because it is the only way to acquire organic traffic to the website, so if you have not yet given importance to SEO, you should better study it, leaving the SEM part (pay per click).

In this post, I will not go into the world of technicalities, I’ll let you know the basic SEO techniques on which to work on and I can guarantee that just by applying these, great results will begin to arrive.

SEO Tips for Your Website: Where to Go From?

There are several things to keep in mind, but if your site is already online, you will have no problem recognizing them because you surely had them under your nose a billion times, though you have not looked at them in the right perspective yet.

The Elements I’m talking about are:

Title Page
Meta Description
“Alt” text of Images

Backward, it was thought that the keywords were the only useful element for ranking because websites filled the keyword string with all the possible search keys that came to mind. So, if you think SEO is still alive, I have to give you some bad news, but I guess you’ve already figured out if you’ve come here to read the post.

Let’s see in detail what you should do to get started on Google:

Title Page

The title of the web page or blog post that appears in Google search results. When you choose to pay close attention to what you write, it must be inherent to what your potential customer is looking for and most of all, try to keep it within the 55 characters, otherwise, Google cuts it and adds the dots.

Meta Description

The Meta Description that appears immediately under the title page on the Google Results page serves to provide a brief summary of the page to the users. However, the text must not exceed 115 characters (spaces included), so try to be engaging with well-targeted words.

Page URL

Many CMS (look through the detailed comparison) offer you the ability to customize the URLs of newly created pages or postings. This factor is very important because in this way you can also enter a keyword here.

Contents: Body – H1

Your page will certainly be composed of a text and this text should have the following formatting: the title must be a H1 and in the text paragraph, your keyword will then be repeated. You will not have to repeat the keyword infinitely if I’m talking about seasonal fruits and in my text I talk about apples, pears, and bananas, Google is smart and understands that its relevance.

Alt Text of Images

Images placed on the page must also be optimized and in order to do so, you must enter the correct name of the image, possibly accompanied by a keyword inside the “Alt Image” field. For example, for this post, my pictures will be called “example_page_display_seo.”

These are some features that allow you to optimize your web page.

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