It affects the SERP, that is, on the list of results that appear with a certain search, which are positioned in a “natural,” organic way. Search Engine Rankings depend on Google algorithm, on which the Search Engine continues to make changes, updates that make it unpredictable.To do a good SEO job, you need to use and study some techniques that change along with Google updates over time.

We have studied and compiled a list of search engine optimization trends that are expected for 2018 next year. Google has made some drastic changes to its algorithm and many SEO specialists are looking for a new emerging trend. SEO is going beyond choosing the right keyword. In 2017, we witnessed a continuation of Google’s strategy, giving priority to mobile search results and content accessibility from smartphone devices.

Top Trends for SEO 2018

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP):

Google increasingly prioritizes moving mobile phones around user experience from smartphones. AMP is a framework developed to facilitate faster uploading of their web pages to the mobile device. It is considered a ranking factor and also has a great impact on the organic visibility of the website. According to studies, mobile users can leave a web page that takes more than 30 seconds to load. Faster upload pages ensure customer loyalty and significantly increase organic traffic. For this reason, companies are adopting a mobile page accelerated only for mobile connections, to increase the user return rate. For added information on this, you search for related topics in the internet.

Quality Content:

Content is always the RE, whatever the marketing rules around the world, it will continue to be the basis of everything. But this only applies to quality content, which is placed above the quantity. Writing so much, but writing in vain, does not in any way affect the organic positioning in any way. In 2018, putting keywords repeated in a text will be obsolete; a SEO copy level will have to be able to develop texts centered on a topic with keywords that are truly correlated with content.

User Experience:

Writing optimized texts is certainly not enough, because Google favors websites that offer an exceptional user experience. So better navigation experience, shorter loading times and mobile optimization are of importance.

Sharing Video Content:

A video is easily accessible on social content, thanks to a link and is also a means that helps global marketing significantly. Quality content and videos are accompanied by an increase in the number of users and conversions of your products or business brands. In 2018, the tendency to share video content should further increase.

It is important to monitor backlinks to the website in order to eliminate those that are not in line with the content and may lead to a penalty.

The 4 trends we have briefly described are some of the dominant and predictable SEO trends in 2018.

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